CUPPING (Hijama)

10 session (After Diagnose) Each Session - 3 Cups

  • Hijama cupping is best remedy recommended & used by messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H)
  • Hijama may helps in relieving Muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow &promotes cell repair.
  • The increased flow of blood will flush out any stagnated toxins in the blood.
    Improves blood circulation over face.

Amount: Rs.4000/-

Scalp Treatment

10 session - 60Mins / Session

Hair Pack + Water Dhara + Dryer
Head, Hot & Cold + Takra Dhar +Dryer
HerbsforScalp+FrequencyComb Shirodhara + Pressure Points
Milk Dhara+Hair wash + Khesh Dhoopam
Scalp Accupuncture + Moxa Therapy
Chash Dhara + Hair Wash + Khesh Dhoopam
@ This treatment helps in relieving stress, reduces tension, fatigue & initiate the soothing effect on brain cells.
@ Reduces hairloss, also helps in getting rid of Dandruff.
@ Improves memory, blood circulation in head & neck region, promoting hair growth.

Amount: Rs.7000/-

Obesity weight loss treatment

5 session - 60Mins / Session

Oxygen Machine- 5 to 7 Mins A
Step-up/Twister= 10/15 Mins
Cycling-S/7 Mins
Obesity Machine-10 mins
HPMachine- 10 Mins Treadmill-10/15 Minutes
Abhiyangam + Upanaha Sweda
Lepam + BodyTightening » ColonTherapy
Herbal Steam – Acupuncture + Moxa Therapy
YogaTips- Diet Chart 

Amount: Rs.5000/-

Dermatologic Treatment

5 Session Time - 50 Mins / session

Mukhlepam + Face Stimulator
+ Facemassage+Face Frequency
Face Scrub+ Face Steam
Face Accupuncture + Moxa Therapy + Pressure Points
Face Hot &Cold + Face Cupping 
This treatment helps in reducing Acne & Pigmentation. Improves blood circulation over face

Amount: Rs.5000/-

Boost Immune System

1 session

Abhiyangam + Steam Abhiyangam + Patra pinda Abhiyangam + Udwarthanam Abhyangam + Colon Supports in Releasing muscle tension, helps inimprove blood circulation

Amount: Rs.1000/-

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